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Firefly Luciferase forms the basis of a wide range of analytical techniques. However, the enzyme is unstable and rapidly loses activity at room temperature. This leads to losses in sensitivity and precision in analytical applications and also severely limits the feasibility of devices incorporating Luciferase-based technologies. To overcome these hurdles, BioVision has recently developed StayBrite? highly stable Luciferase utilizing a
genetically modified variant(rLucHS) derived from the Luciferase of Diaphanes pectinealis (Chinese Firefly) endemic to Yunnan province, China. It has been modified to provide enhanced stability compared to the normal phenotype of Photinus pyralis, better sensitivity and performance at a broader and more physiologically relevant effective pH range. At all pH's below ~8.2, BioVision's rLucHS is significantly more active than the commercial Photinus luciferase and is stable for weeks at room temperature and >60 min at 37°C. The activity profile shows a linear detection range for ATP values as low 10 fmol/assay (1 nM). The specific activity of rLucHS is ~ 5 x 1011 RLU/mg protein. The assay can be fully automated for high throughput & is extremely sensitive. The high sensitivity of this assay is ideal for detecting ATP production or consumption in various enzymatic reactions.
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