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Malate Dehydrogenase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit

Catalog#: K654-100
Size: 100 assays
Price: 5925 (RMB)

Assay Kit Name:
Malate Dehydrogenase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit

Kit Summary:
• Detection method - Absorbance (450 nm)
• Species reactivity - N/A
• Applications - Measurement of malate dehydrogenase activity in various tissues/cells
- Analysis of citric acid cycle and malate-asparate shuttle

Sample Type:
• Animal tissues such as liver, heart, muscle, etc.
• Cell culture: Adherent or suspension cells
• Mitochondria

Features & Benefits:
• Simple, rapid & convenient
• The assay can detect Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH) Activity less than 0.5 mU in various sample types.

Kit Components:
• MDH Assay Buffer
• MDH Substrate (Lyophilized)
• MDH Enzyme Mix (Lyophilized)
• MDH Developer (Lyophilized)
• NADH Standard (Lyophilized)
• MDH Positive Control (Lyophilized)

Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH) (EC is an important enzyme which reversibly converts L-malate into oxaloacetate in the presence of NAD. In eukaryotic cells, malate dehydrogenase has 2 isoforms: MDH1 and MDH2. MDH1 is cytosolic & participates in the malate-aspartate shuttle, which transports malate into mitochondria for utilization in ATP generation whereas MDH2 is a mitochondrial enzyme and part of the citric acid cycle. MDH activity is increased in some neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and abnormal MDH activity in serum can serve as a diagnostic tool for severe liver damage (e.g. Hepatocellular carcinoma). In BioVision’s Malate Dehydrogenase Activity Assay kit, MDH reacts with malate to form an intermediate. The generated intermediate reacts with MDH Developer to form a colored product with strong absorbance at 450 nm. The assay is simple, sensitive and can detect less than 0.5 mU of MDH activity in various sample types.

Storage Conditions:

Shipping Conditions:
gel pack

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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