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Catalog#: 2423-10
Size: 10 mg
Price: 1125 (RMB)

Product Name: Aconitine

Alternate Name/Synonyms: (1α,3α,6α,14α,15α,16β)-20-Ethyl-1,6,16-trimethoxy-4-(methoxymethyl)aconitane-3,8,13,14,15-pentol 8-acetate 14-benzoate; Acetylbenzoylaconine

Description: Aconitine is diterpene alkaloid derived from the tubers of aconitinum plants. It is a neurotoxin that opens TTX(tetrodotoxin)-sensitive Na⁺ channels in the heart and other tissues, and is used for creating models of cardiac arrhythmia. Aconitine was previously used as an antipyretic and analgesic, and still has some limited application in herbal medicine.

Peptide Sequence: N/A

Appearance: White to off-white solid

Formulation: N/A

CAS Number: 302-27-2

Molecular Formula: C34H47NO11

Molecular Weight: 645.75

Purity: ≥98% by HPLC

Solubility:EtOH (~ 35 mg/ml) or H₂O (~0.3 mg/ml)

Storage Temp.: -20 ̊C

Shipping Conditions: gel pack

Handling: Protect from light and air


InChi: InChI=1S/C34H47NO11/c1-7-35-15-31(16-41-3)20(37)13-21(42-4)33-19-14-32(40)28(45-30(39)18-11-9-8-10-12-18)22(19)34(46-17(2)36,27(38)29(32)44-6)23(26(33)35)24(43-5)25(31)33/h8-12,19-29,37-38,40H,7,13-16H2,1-6H3/t19-,20-,21+,22-,23+,24+,25-,26?,27+,28-,29+,31+,32-,33+,34-/m1/s1


PubChem CID: 245005

MDL Number: MFCD00082375

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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