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Catalog#: 2421-50
Size: 50 µg
Price: 4875 (RMB)

Product Name: Mambalgin-1

Alternate Name/Synonyms:

Description: Mambalgin-1 is a peptide toxin originally isolated from the venom of Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis). Acts as an analgesic. Mambalgin-1 is able to abolish pain through inhibition of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) expressed either in central or peripheral neurons.

Peptide Sequence: H-Leu- Lys- Cys- Tyr- Gln- His- Gly- Lys- Val- Val- Thr- Cys- His- Arg- Asp- Met- Lys- Phe- Cys- Tyr- His- Asn- Thr- Gly- Met- Pro- Phe- Arg- Asn- Leu- Lys- Leu- Ile- Leu- Gln- Gly- Cys- Ser- Ser- Ser- Cys- Ser- Glu- Thr- Glu- Asn- Asn- Lys- Cys- Cys- Ser- Thr- Asp- Arg- Cys- Asn- Lys-OH (disulfide bonds between Cys3 - Cys19, Cys12 - Cys37, Cys41 - Cys49 and Cys50 - Cys55 )

Appearance: Lyophilized solid

Formulation: N/A

CAS Number: N/A

Molecular Formula: C272H429N85O84S10

Molecular Weight: 6554.61

Purity: ≥90% by HPLC


Storage Temp.: -20 ̊C

Shipping Conditions: gel pack

Handling: Protect from light and air


InChi: N/A

InChi Key: N/A

PubChem CID: N/A

MDL Number: N/A

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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